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Django :: Custom Field

If you don’t do so allready, you should really get into the habit of looking at the validation errors your users are seeing. If you’re using the idiomatic Django view code this is very easy to do. After you get … Continue reading

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Django :: setup for the form examples

I normally develop on Windows and deploy on Linux which has so far worked without a single problem. On my development system I followed the effbot receipe to get Django up and running in five minutes. That receipe was written … Continue reading

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Django :: interacting with the browser

All of the Django tutorials that were around when I started learning about it focused very much on the database and models — and Django really does shine in this area. I felt there wasn’t enough documentation on how to … Continue reading

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Educators Debate Taking The Blood And Explosions Out Of Science

Techdirt is hosting a misguided article about how educators are trying to take the “fun” out of High School classroms by making students do disections on a computer rather gaggin on formaldehyde while cuttin up some small (but never very … Continue reading

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