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django :: Http404 handling

Just like “everyone” else I’ve written a custom CMS (Content Management System) that we use internally. One can discuss the merits of writing your own vs. using something like Plone, but given a boss who sometimes wants it “just so” … Continue reading

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django :: implementing reCAPTCHA in 5 easy steps

It turns out reCAPTCHA is very easy to implement 🙂 Step #1: install the Python client: Step #2: obtain public and private keys here: Step #3: Then create a small helper module,, for convenience and to keep your … Continue reading

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emacs :: autocompletion and code-commenting

I’m a believing member in the church of emacs, and in honor of the new release I went looking for solutions to a couple of outstanding issues I’ve had with my emacs installation. Today’s first emacs find is M-; which, … Continue reading

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I was checking out a number of 37signals’ webapps today (Highrise, Basecamp, and a few others… well worth a look). When I discovered I could sign in with OpenID. After a little googling and watching an excellent screencast over at … Continue reading

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