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Pre-compiled binaries for PyCrypto 2.6.1 (py27) on Win7

There is a “new” version of PyCrypto out, and I can’t find any simple way to install it on Windows.  This is hardly news, and usually the Michael Foord has ready made windows installers over at Voidspace. To be totally … Continue reading

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django :: list_display can’t sort on attribute of foreign key field…

I’m not the only one surprised by the fact that you can’t use the double-underscore-foreignkey-attribute-accessor syntax in list_display: There has been extensive discussions on the tracker ( and on the mailing list ( It seems unlikely that this will be … Continue reading

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python :: Calculating the distance between two locations…

How far is it from point a to point b? There are complicated ways to answer this question, that e.g. takes into account whether you’re walking or driving etc. However, if you only need the approximate distance “as the crow … Continue reading

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sphinx :: adding a new theme

Sphinx ( has made our internal documentation effort go a lot smoother, and the autodoc extension has provided much needed motivation for writing useful docstrings. For those unfamiliar with autodoc, a simple declaration in your documentation file: will automatically document … Continue reading

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