Educators Debate Taking The Blood And Explosions Out Of Science

Techdirt is hosting a misguided article about how educators are trying to take the “fun” out of High School classroms by making students do disections on a computer rather gaggin on formaldehyde while cuttin up some small (but never very furry) animal.

I find the very idea of killing animals so that kids can get a cheap thrill without much educational content quite abhorrent. There is precious little extra that can be gained from a live disection vs. a simulated one at the High School level — and what little extra there might be can probably also be learned in the kitchen, helping a parent making dinner or by going hunting and fishing.

We ought to have enough respect for life, any life, that we don’t throw it away wantonly.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m all for animal experiments when it comes to finding cures for diseases, etc. People who select this field of study must of course also be allowed training, but very few in High School have selected a field yet, so it seems natural, at least to me, to hold off on disection in the classroom until sophomore year in college.

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