GoDaddy upgraded me to appalling response times…

I seem to be having just piles of problems with my GoDaddy hosting lately.  I’ve been a customer since 2006, but suddenly this June (2010) the database holding my blog went *poof*.

Having spent a lot of time on and in the google cache, I managed to salvage some of the old posts, but it was a tedious manual process.  To speed up some of the mundane work, I wanted to turn on ssh access.  Should have been an easy option to enable from the settings menu in hosting manager, however, it told me my account had to be transferred to “newer” servers.  To do that I had to delete my blog (after exporting it) calling support, having them put in a service order, and waiting several days.

At my day job, I use to monitor the uptime on our servers, and naturally I’ve added this blog to the list.  Not long after the upgrade to the ssh-enabled account, I started getting text-messages saying the blog was down.  Turns out it mostly wasn’t down, it just had response times of over 30 seconds(!)

Below is the pretty graph from, with average response times per day, for the last month for access to the page:

monthly access times

The only advice from GoDaddy support… turn off all the WordPress plugins (which I’ve done without seeing any improvement whatsoever).

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